The Ten Days Sodhana Panchakarma is especially designed for those who can’t  go through thoroughly to the main procedure of Panchakarma due to the limitation of time or any other disease conditions. This therapy package is selective designed to enhance the detoxification and to maintain the natural flora and function of the intestine. It is one of the smoothest processes of Panchakarma to the mind-body physiology, which is  responsible to proper functioning, repair, rejuvenate and eliminate digestive or metabolic wastages or toxins, and to harmonize the systems which is necessary to be healthy.

Our body system is interrelated with every external and internal environment in rhythmic dynamict nature. Every impulse of our system directs to our biological clock or time biology, which regulates our whole dynamic system. It may also severely push our body into challenges, opportunity and environmental threat at every moment and the body may loss its balance of inner healing capacity; which is responsible for to restore balance. If we ignored it, then it hampers the harmony of our body.

In this program, 3 out of 5 karmas are focused. We advised you for Ayurvedic diet and suggestions for food and lifestyle by our doctor.

This specialized 10 days Ayurveda Allied Pancakarma contains the following therapies;

Colon irrigation (Sodhana Basti) for subtle cleansing of colon

Eliminate mal digested toxins, and harbouring nourishing environment to the colon

Subtle cleansing and rejuvenating therapies for fatigued Eyes (Netra Tarpana)


Pinda Sveda

Steam baths for stimulating

Exfoliating (dead cells)

Evitalizing of skin, muscles and circulating systems.


Cakra basti

Sirobasti and Tail dhara for transcending body-mind system by achieving deep relaxation

Yoga, Pranayam and Meditation are part of the therapy package to keep harmony within the mind and body

Eye exercise, eye wash, Gandusha, Kabala, Neti will be a part of our daily routines.


Helps to balance VATA Dosha.

Is good for Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), Deep psychological trauma, overweight, high cholesterol, high triglyceride, different types of arthritis

Is very effective to prevent hypertension, heart diseases, and kidney problems

It's good for those people with chronic diseases who have undergone surgery many times and also for those who are taking chemical medicines for long.

It helps to improve quality of life by enhancing the immunity power, flexibility, muscles and joints.

Helps to balance thyroid and other hormones.

Removes chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia, stress, anxiety, sleeplessness

Removes chronic constipation.

Maintains body weight.

Improves Agni condition and removes Ama toxins.

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