Flying in an aeroplane now a day, its more compulsory rather than amusement. Sitting in a limited area for a long time above the ground and waiting for the landing again, spending time with suffocation, it’s really complicated for the travelers. But today we would like to introduce you with such an interesting flight which provides you more and more enjoyment rather than only  travel. It is 1 hour round flight from and to the Kathmandu airport towards Mt. Everest, which offers you incredible panoramic views of mighty Himalayas including Mt. Everest and other more five high Himalayas higher than eight thousand meters. Its an early Morning flight, starts daily from and to the  Kathmandu airport with guaranteed to the window seat. It flies towards Mt. Everest along the Himalayan range and return back following the same way, so minimum one time mountain side is guaranteed.

  • Duration approx. 1h, every morning from / to Kathmandu in good weather.
  • Price about 220.00 dollar per person

(Including guided transfer to the airport and back to hotel)

Trip Cost US$ 220 (Per Person)
  • DestinationNepal
  • Trip Difficulty Easy