The seven days Panchakarma  is specially designed for those who can’t  go through thoroughly to the main procedure of Panchakarma due to the limitation of time or any other disease conditions but want the familiarity with the Ayurveda.  It is very helpful to detoxify the body, to balance the Doshas, and to harmonize the metabolism.
It starts with Agni Dipana and Sneha Pana (Medicated Ghee) prepared by our doctor after consultation, which is based on your Prakriti “Body type”, the diseases and your health Conditions. Knowingly and unknowingly we take different types of foods, among them some foods are difficult to digest or need prolong digestion. So it's designed to maintain the body and  Pancakarma is designed with therapies like;


Classical Ayurveda Massage

Ubatana (Herbal Powder Massage)

Sarvanga Sveda (Whole Body Herbal steam bath)

Pinda Sveda (Bolus Sudation)


Netra Tarpana

Picu &Other therapies as per the need of your health status.

Yoga / Pranayam are part of the therapy package to keep harmony within mind and body system.

Eye exercises

Eye wash



Different types of massages and Steam baths for stimulating, exfoliating (dead cells), revitalizing of skin, muscles and circulating systems,

Chakra Basti, for transcending body-mind system by achieving deep relaxation

Our Aim

To cleanse intestines, liver, gall bladder, pancreas and Pitta system

Detoxify Ama toxins smoothly and stimulate and enhance the natural rejuvenation process of Dhatus (tissues)

Subtle cleansing and nourishing of eyes

To achieve harmony and balance.

To help to culture deeper insight


As a result, intestines start better functioning and improve the digestive metabolism.

Reduces restless and gives a feeling of lightness, relaxation, and improves systemic balance.

Better functioning of whole system

Harmonizes daily routine practice

To remove the toxins from your body within a short time span.

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