• Puskal Karki

    Puskal Karki


    Travelling is my passion, so I choose travel and tourism as a profession, now live in Kathmandu, nativity Nepali and connected closer to Hindu and Buddhist culture. Also, I directly related to Yoga and Ayurveda. Yoga is my family tradition and among Ayurvedic practices, I am growing up. Since long, I use to instruct the Hata Yoga. I had served longer period of time in the field of education as a mathematics teacher, but after completion of my master degree in mathematics, completely devoted to this tourism field. I had been visiting different German schools for German language. Finally, I am able to bring fluency in this language, although, Neplai is my mother tongue and English is my second language. 

     As a founder of “Divine Excursion tour and Trekking Pvt. Ltd.” I would like to invite you towards the Himalayas, which is not only natural Shangri-La, but also excessively flourishing in tradition, customs and culture. The friendly nature of the peoples of those regions, deserved intimacy and warmth from all around the world. I myself used to visit a lot towards those regions, that’s why I am closely connected with the glory of this paradise,  so want to explore this beautiful world among others, with customized service. I would like to share my wonderful travel experiences with you. Just call us or write an Email, we put together a travel program just for you, to  make your holiday unforgettable. I am a government trained tour guide and experienced yoga teacher too, and used to guide our valued guests in a  very pleasant way and with a lot of passion through entire Nepal, Bhutan and Tibet. Our objective is to respond  each guest individually.

  • Bishnu Kumar Karki

    Bishnu Kumar Karki


    For more than twenty years, as a Hatha Yogi, I used to instruct the Hatha Yoga regularly. I am by birth Yogi, i.e. I was born in yoga culture, in the Yogi family. Nowadays, I used to live in Potsdam, Germany; near Berlin, where situated my Himalayan Yoga and Ayurveda center and the correspondence office of “Divine Excursion tours and trekking Pvt Ltd”. As a founder of this Agency, I pleased to operate different types of recreational activities towards Nepal, India, Tibet and Bhutan, likewise yoga tour, Culture tour, spiritual tour, educational tour, Ayurvedic treatment, training and trekking tours with or without yoga for our valued guests. Also, I myself  used to lead yoga and Ayurveda tour towards these countries. Me and my team in Germany, Nepal and Bhutan, dedicate and cooperate hand to hand, to provide all time competent and personalized service. All the destinations which we offer along Nepal, Tibet, India and Bhutan are my  familiar destinations from my childhood, also because of my nativity; I have been closely connected  to the natives; their culture and traditions. Still, I used to visit those territories several times every year personally to update myself. Also,  For more than 20 years, I used to live in either Switzerland or in Germany,so, I am very familiar with the Europe and European mentality. I look forward to working with you for the unforgettable holiday.

  • Pooja Regmi

    Pooja Regmi

    Managing Director

    Pooja  started working in the tourism industry after her  Master’s Degree. She is well experienced tour guide, trained by the Government of Nepal. She has  deep knowledge about Hinduism and Buddhism. Also, she ensues  the deep knowledge about history,  geography and nativity about the people and  their culture and tradition of the Himalaya region. Besides English, she has intense knowledge about  different languages, including German, which is very supportive to communicate with the people from different world. More than four years, she is working as a Tour Guide and happy to work with  “Divine Excursion Tour & Trekking Pvt. Ltd”. She used to lead different cultural as well as trekking tours within entire Nepal. The Charm of her face, supportive character, courageous performance and friendly nature are key points of her successes in this tourism field.