Tibet has its own unique territories in central Asia, lies on Tibetan Plateau  which is the highest region on our Earth, with an average elevation of 4,900m. We are thankful to organize the tour towards such a magnificent region. It is not only naturally rich, but also the culture of over thousand years, honored the people and enforce everyone to proud ownself to this sacred tradition existing in our earth.

This tour helps you to explore the Lhasa, the historical city along with different ancient monasteries and the most gorgeous Potala Palace. Also, this tour becomes popular because of the extra drive to the north base camp of the world highest mountain, the Mt. Everest. Finally, we will arrive by road in Kathmandu, the capital city of Himalayan Kingdom, Nepal, which is our initial landing before fly to Lhasa.

Day to Day Itinerary

  • Day 01: Departure to the Kathmandu-Nepal from your home town
  • Day 02: Arrival at airport in Kathmandu
  • Day 03: The day is reserved to explore the Kathmandu valley briefly
  • Day 04: The day is the stance as leisure in Kathmandu
  • Day 05: The Flight to Lhasa from Kathmandu
  • Day 06: The day is reserved to explore the city Lhasa
  • Day 07: Lhasa
  • Day 08: Lhasa - Gyantse - Shigatse, About 8hrs' Driving
  • Day 09: Shigatse - Tingri - Everest Base Camp (Rongbuk)
  • Day 10: Mount Everest – Saga, 450km, About 9hrs' Driving
  • Day 11: Saga - Gyirong (4-5 hours driving)
  • Day 12: Gyirong - Kathmandu
  • Day 13: The day is as leisure in Kathmandu
  • Day 14: Return flight from Kathmandu to your home town

Cost Includes

  • Flights in economy class Kathmandu - Lhasa
  • Required transfers
  • Overnight stays in a double room in a typical hotel of the middle class
  • Breakfast
  • Program, according to itinerary (subject to change)
  • local Tibetan, English speaking tour guides
  • Entrance fees in Tibet
  • all required permits
  • information

Cost Excludes

  • International flight;
  • Visa fee for Nepal 
  • Visa and Permits fee for China (160 US dollar, payable at booking)
  • Travel cancellation insurance
  • More meals
  • Tips
  • Individual excursions and activities
  • The cost of delays or detours caused by natural disaster (e.g. Landslide and road block, flight cancellations, etc), Rescue and insurance cost
  • All other which are not listed in the program 
  •  Single supplement: approx. 330 dollars 

Detail Itineraries

  • Day 01Departure to the Kathmandu-Nepal from your home town
  • Day 02Arrival at airport in KathmanduOur airport representative welcomes you and taken to the hotel for overnight. At Kathmandu airport, you can get your visa for Nepal on arrival and it is for single entry. In the evening you can individually organize to visit the Stupa of Swyambhunath, one of the famous religious Buddhist centers situated almost middle of the Kathmandu valley and from where you can observe the whole Kathmandu valley.
  • Day 03The day is reserved to explore the Kathmandu valley briefly Today, after breakfast we will visit the medieval city, Patan. It is the ideal city of religious tolerance with both Hinduism and Buddhism consequently exist with the in the brotherhood. All the pilgrimages of both religions exist one-another in the same place and every person have respect and proud of it. Durbar Square is the main highlight of this city and its religious and secular center with different Hindu and Buddhist monuments, with palaces and culture centers. In this "open air museum" you can experience the daily life of the Newari people, especially the handicraft worker. We will take lunch, at the restaurant with a beautiful garden at the inner courtyard of Patan Museum. In the evening, we will visit to the Stupa of Bouddhnath, situated in the north-west of Kathmandu. The foundation date of this Stupa goes back to the 5th century AD with a height of 36 meters. This part of the Kathmandu recently developed as a center for Tibetan Buddhism with lots of newly constructed monasteries, mediation centers, Buddhist schools, Buddhist painting schools, university and Buddhist colleges. Overnight in Kathmandu.
  • Day 04The day is the stance as leisure in KathmanduToday you can make final preparations for the Tibet tour, if anything missing, then you collect them from Thamel at reasonable price. Overnight at a hotel in Kathmandu.
  • Day 05The Flight to Lhasa from KathmanduToday our tour begins towards the roof of the world, the Tibet. We have to take the flight from Kathmandu airport to Lhasa airport, which lies at 70 km far away from city Lhasa. During the flight we will get the glimpse of mighty Himalayas, including Mt. Everest and other many peaks higher than eight thousand meters, but we need the luck of good weather. It takes around 50 minutes to land at the airport and then we have to catch vehicle to reach the city Lhasa. On the way, we will make short stops for brief excursions towards the Lhakhang Monastery. Also we will make short excursions towards Nyethang Drolma Temple, which is dedicated to Tara, a female Boddhisattva, built in the 11th century and contains many statues and paintings of Tara. We will drive further to reach the Lhasa, rest of the day is free for rest and to acclimatize the body in such altitude. In the evening we will enjoy the delicious Tibetan food at the hotel.
  • Day 06The day is reserved to explore the city LhasaEarly in the morning we will make the short trip towards Jokhang Temple, one of the holiest temple in Tibet, situated at the center of the old town of Lhasa and dated back to the 7th century. In the center of the Jokhang lies an entrance to the gathering of most sacred halls with their golden roofs. The numerous monuments, the thousands of butter lamps, the Buddha statues, incredible chanting and amazing architecture attracts us and leave the deep impression of a whole life.
    After visiting the Jokhang, it is time to stroll along the Barkhor pilgrimage path and the streets of the old town.
    In the afternoon, we will visit towards the Potala Palace, is our main highlights of our tour. Potala Palace is unique architecture with thirteen storied traditional structure of 17th century and an area of 130,000 m² situated on the "Red Mountain", where you can feel the coordination of peace and compassion. Also, it is very famous place to wonder with the panoramic view of the whole city of Lhasa and its surroundings. It has two parts; the largest part of the complex is occupied by the "White Palace" and the rest of the parts is occupied by the "Red Palace" which are the private rooms of the Dalai Lama with ceremonial halls, chapels and tombs of the deceased Dalai Lamas.

    Afterwards, we will visit the Norbulingka, the jewel garden where situated the summer palace of the 14th Dalai Lama, now become one of the most important sites of Tibet for the Tibetans. Overnight at a hotel in Tibet.
  • Day 07LhasaToday also, we explore the holy city Lhasa and its surroundings. In the morning we will visit towards Sera Monastery, which was built in 1419 by Jamchen Chojey Sakya Yeshe of Zel Gungtang Tandrische. It is divided into two sectors; the eastern part contains the Great Assembly Hall and the residences and the western part has the well-known three colleges: the Sera Je Dratsang, the Sera Me Dratsang; and the Ngakpa Dratsang. All the structures within this complex formed a clockwise pilgrimage circuit. In the afternoon we will drive to the Drepung Monastery, the largest Tibetan monasteries, located at the foot of Mount Gephel, is one of the "great three" Gelugpa university monasteries of Tibet and dated back to 1416 of its foundation and used as the residence and political center of the former Dalai Lamas.
  • Day 08Lhasa - Gyantse - Shigatse, About 8hrs' DrivingToday, after breakfast, we will leave the Lhasa. We have to cover around 360km distance with our vehicle to Shigatse via Gyantse. Our driving route passes over the Khamba-La Pass (4,600 m), along the Yamdrok Lake with its turquoise waters, over the Karo-La Pass (5,086 m). On the way, you will make several stops to capture the photos of beautiful places, and time to wonder in beautiful nature also we make a short stop at Gyantse to explore Kumbum Stupa. We will drive further towards Shigatse.
  • Day 09Shigatse - Tingri - Everest Base Camp (Rongbuk)Early in the morning, we will visit one of the vigorous monuments in Tibet, the Tashilumpo Monastery, and another important pilgrimage in Tibet which is still the residence of the Panchen Lamas. It was built in 1447. Then we will drive further Rongbuk, via the small town of Tingri. The Rongbuk the closest place to Everest Base Camp. We stay in a guesthouse at 5000 m with a unique view of Mt. Everest.
  • Day 10Mount Everest – Saga, 450km, About 9hrs' DrivingWe have to wake up earlier today, for the sunrise over the Mt. Everest. After rising up we will pack some warm clothes and camera and take drive for 4 kilometers and wait till the sun comes out. It’s a marvelous view when sun’s ray falls over the peak of Mt. Everest. The top part of the Mount Everest is like a pyramid and by the sunrise; it glows like a giant white pyramid, which is the most famous sceneries of Mount Everest.
    After that, we will return back to the camp and pack the luggage and measure the distance of next camp- Saga. It is about 8hrs driving, could be longer as well, and depends upon breaks, engine condition, weather and condition of roads, but the landscape force us to forget the difficulties from driving. The landscape where the road passes is fabulous, the view of Mt. Everest from far, plains, scenery of the Pelkhu Tso Lake (4600m), its only amazing. Overnight at a lodge in Saga.
  • Day 11Saga - Gyirong (4-5 hours driving)After breakfast, today also we have to drive about 4-5 hours from to Gyirong. It is a small border town near to the border between Tibet and Nepal. It is a relatively short trip, but the scenery will be unforgettable. Upon arrival, the rest of the time is free for individual stroll the Gyirong Town and surrounding landscape. Overnight at a hotel.
  • Day 12Gyirong - KathmanduToday, you will leave the territory of Tibet. Drive about 25km to the Gyirong Port where we have to walk to cross the custom to Nepal territory and transfer to Kathmandu. It is expected around 6-7 hours to reach at Kathmandu. Overnight at a hotel.
  • Day 13The day is as leisure in KathmanduThe day is as leisure. You can make the short trip individually. For example, take trips to Patan and Bhaktapur or stroll in Thamel.
  • Day 14Return flight from Kathmandu to your home town Return flight from Kathmandu to your home town

Trip Note


In Kathmandu, during our tour, we spend the night at a small or medium sized, typically Nepalese, three or four-star hotels located in the center of the capital or close to the city center. They are beautiful, clean and well maintained. In Lhasa, Gyantse and Shigatse, there is available of three or four-star hotels. Otherwise, we have to stay in camp or at simple guesthouses.


Towards Kathmandu (Nepal) more than 25 airlines form different corners of the world, they used to operate flights. Among them Turkish air, Qatar Airways, Thai Airways, Golf Airways, Air India used to provide pleasant services, but other airlines are not bad experienced.

Overland trips:

All our trips are organized with private jeeps which are favorable for the bad road conditions too. Sometimes people need to have patience on the overland trips. The journey can be associated with imponderables, for example, due to the weather conditions; possibly landslides may occur and block the road, also our jeep may damage on the ways.

To eat and drink:

Please keep some calorie supplies such as biscuits, chocolate and sweets with you. Sufficient drinking water is also necessary, which you can buy everywhere.


During the travel, to maintain the health is another important part of the vacation. You should always be careful healthy when you travel. In Lhasa, medicinal support is easily available at emergency, but in countryside, may not available, so every traveler should bring emergency-kit (including regular medication if you use daily). A compulsory vaccination is not required in Tibet. However, please inform in advance of the journey about infection and vaccine protection and other measures for prophylaxis. Please also get medical advice about thrombosis and other health risks. Also, medically examined is recommended, before the journey, especially going to the heights of above 4000 m.

Mountain sickness:

 Travelers to Tibet are most concerned about the problem of altitude sickness. The sophisticated high elevation, the thin air with less amount of the oxygen content, continues blowing stark wind imposes the altitude sickness. If you achieve the altitude too fast, by travelling from car or plane, the body may be less able to adapt the altitude; as a result, one may not feel well. The altitude sickness is often characterized by the following symptoms: Headache, dizziness, difficulty breathing, tiredness and insomnia. If you are interested, but suffer from heart patients or those who have hypertension; should consult with your doctor before leaving to travel to Tibet. Enough time to acclimatize, slowly moving, avoiding smoking and alcohol, positive feeling, lots of drink and sufficient rest can avoid the altitude sickness. For the emergency, bring pain killers that do not make you sleepy.

Climate and appropriate clothing:

May to October is the suitable time to go to Tibet, because of acceptable temperature and weather, but, preparing for all short of the temperature is obligatory because in such altitude, the weather is undefined. Please bring warm clothes, Thermal underwear, down jacket and down sleeping bag. Also in Tibet, there is a big difference in temperature during the day and at night time. Please also have a linen cloth (inner sleeping bag), sunglasses for over 3000 m height, sunscreen with a high sun protection factor (in Tibet, the UV radiation is exceptionally strong). Also, we are pleased to inform you about the appropriate clothing for your trip with travel confirmation.

Passport and visa requirements:

We will provide you the necessary travel permits for Tibet. Nepal requires the visa for all foreigners. You can obtain it, on arrival visa at the airport in Kathmandu without any problems, also other border customs too. Or, if you want to get a visa in advance, then please contact the Nepalese embassies or Nepalese consulates from your home town. A visa cost depends on the length of your stay between $25 to 100US $. You need a valid passport besides the visa. Please take a sufficient number of passport photos (at least 4 pieces) for the visa and other purpose.

Note: With two peoples, an individual trip is also possible any time. Please ask for a program according to your wishes.

Trip Cost Contact Us
  • Trip Duration 14 Days
  • DestinationNepal