Trekking is a kind of simple sport as in the form of multiple days of walking. In Nepal, it is mostly organized in the countryside in natural terrains, which is relatively quiet and far away from civilization. Most of the trekking trails lead you through terraced fields, through the jungle, along the river banks and some uphill and downhill towards Himalayas, which provides you sights of unforgettable landscapes of Himalayan and mountain region of Nepal including glimpse of mighty Himalayas. It is also the great opportunity to explore the customs, tradition and lifestyle of lovely Himalayan people but, we have numerous trekking trails in Terai (plain and tropical) region too, which is very popular for exploring the wildlife including endangered royal Bangle Tigers, wild elephants, Rhinoceros etc.It also provides you the great opportunity to experience the life style of people of tropical region of Nepal.

Most of the trekking trail go around the Ruler area so overnights choices are very limit or some of the place you may not get another alternative other than what gives us in front. In some of the trail, we have to overnight in the tent or in simple lodges but, it provides you unlimited happiness and authentic natural experience. It is not only your holiday but also very responsible work to support the local people financially. A report says that, one tourist provides job for three people for certain period.