Are you planning for the first time trekking in general or for the first time in Nepal? 

Trekking is not a big deal in Nepal. It’s a country of Himalayan (the mountain range which contain almost all the high mountains higher than eight thousand meters in our earth) and Nepal contains 8 such mountains which are higher than eight thousand meters. So, you can imagine yourself how beautiful is this small country of small territories of 141 thousand square kilometers. In the evening, everyone  forgets all those difficulties comes from daylong walking by watching little bit ups and little bit downs through terraces of rice, grains and vegetables with the background of mighty Himalayas together with friendly people,. Normally, our camps for overnights are almost five to six hours per day by walking distance and with regular walking every day, our body creates the stamina to walk further. So, don’t think sitting at home, lets join with us we will take you to the beautiful and peaceful places where you never been but always dreamed to be there.